Manipulation Cards - Master the Art of Card Manipulation

Fan showing actual manipulation cardsDuncan Trillo's deck - for perfect card productions!


1. 52 super-thin manipulation cards per deck

2. Each deck: 89mm x 58mm x just 10mm thick!

3. Shadow coloured backs - the ideal camouflage

4. Indices in all four corners - for symmetrical fans

5. Tough, durable, "soft-sheen" finish

6. Perfect silky smooth fans - straight from the box!

7. Made from incredibly thin, yet strong, card stock

8. Back-palm the whole deck and produce them one by one!

9. Available exclusively from this website!

10. Boxed and factory sealed

11. Actual scan of cards (not to scale) right, and below




Manipulation Cards - back and front images


"When I first saw these cards being used (across a table in an Indian restaurant, as it happens), I was completely fooled because the colour is so good you just can't see them; then when I tried them myself, I was completely fooled again, as they're so thin I couldn't believe how many cards I was producing! I've always meant to do a stage act, but have never got around to it. When I do, I'll definitely be getting some more of these cards."

Guy Hollingworth



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Duncan Trillo


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